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For Glasshouse Helsinki

Words Calling for Action by so_helsinki not only describe the world but can change it. Words lead the way and pave the road for action. Words are needed to verbalise and renew our thinking as we move towards a more sustainable world. Good words call for good deeds. BUY HERE: poster and

urban food exhibition & satellites

Urban Food exhibition in Helsinki City Museum (15 May – 27 September 2020) offered glimpses into the future of urban food. The exhibition posed a question to visitors: Can cities be pioneers in creating new, more sustainable food production?  The exhibition concept focuses in a dialogue in which specialists and actors in various

MALJA & asetti for lokal kollektion

MALJA is a simple and subtle porcelain cup, designed by Veera Kulju, is well suited to use for both cold and warm drinks. The shape and material makes alternative uses possible. The cup is high-fired and glazed, so as to make the washing of it effortless. Malja is designed by

Visuals for the Finnish Craft and Design Fair

  We created the visual campaign around Veera’s ceramic pieces that where ordered specifically to create the Fairs theme in 2019. The four-leaf clover is a sign of “onni” Finnish word for luck, happiness or blessings. The theme of the fair was freely translated “The lasting happiness, joy of making”


Metsä Palaa / Forest Returns poster concept for art exhibition: Concept by SO-Helsinki / Video by Ananya Tanttu   NAKU: visual identity for art exhibition by Ilkka Kärkäinen    

Doing good with NORDKRAUT

Nordkraut’s simple and functional fermentation pot is designed together with Finnish ceramic artist Veera Kulju (SO-Helsinki). Every piece is handmade in Lapinlahti by Jari Puttonen from JP Studiokeramiikka.  A simple form hides all the necessary functions: the lid slips to the water trap, pot is easy to hold because of its rough surface,


For the years 2015–2016 Veera worked with Lokal family as publicist, co-curator, producer, consult, organizer, builder, sales… and more! Veera Also has designed products for the Lokal Kollektion: Blanket & Tea Towel and has also exibited in many of Lokal exhibitions.   Ilkka has designed logos for Lokal exhibitions and


In the end of 2016 we worked together with the Arabia Art Department Society to start a new era in the Art Department’s journey.  Veera was working as their visiting artist 2017-2018. She also worked as their coordinator for six months: designing and consulting new small scale production, adding social


Kasvu, Tillväxt, Growth, The Onoma annual summer exhibition of 2016 Specialist member of the exhibition group and producer of satellite exhibition in Helsinki: Veera Kulju / SO-helsinki Visual identity: Ilkka Kärkkäinen / SO-helsinki Trailer here! Trailer concept idea & visual image Veera Kulju & Ilkka Kärkkäinen Graphic design: Ilkka Kärkkäinen


Veera worked for Teemu Järvi’s brand for a year in 2015. Developing concept and products, planning and producing publication, brand photoshoots and exhibitions, planning and being in charge of sales, coordinating collaborations and creating new ones. Photo by Unto Rautio, location Nuuksio National Park. We worked in collaboration with ARTEK,

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