Visuals for the Finnish Craft and Design Fair

Näyttökuva 2020-5-5 kello 11.10.23


We created the visual campaign around Veera’s ceramic pieces that where ordered specifically to create the Fairs theme in 2019. The four-leaf clover is a sign of “onni” Finnish word for luck, happiness or blessings. The theme of the fair was freely translated “The lasting happiness, joy of making”

We art directed and produced the key photograph and making of video. Such a beautiful collaboration with the best client, makers and theme!



The Europe’s largest craft and design event The Finnish Craft and Design Fair showcases Finnish handicrafts from professionals – handmade and small-scale production. 

The popularity of the exhibition being held in Tampere for the 23rd time was rising at an amazing rate. 50996 visitors came to enjoy a wide variety of showcases presented by 734 Finnish exhibitors, and to mingle in a joyful atmosphere.


Still photos are made in collaboration with photographer Marko Rantanen. Video work is made together with photographer Ananya Tanttu. Music in the video is by RinneRadio.

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