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Film and Website Credits:
Director Esko Räsänen, writer Selina Vienola, AD / Typography Eino Korkala, composer Timo Kaukolampi.
Special Thanks: Ilkka Kärkkäinen, Mikko Arhippainen, Iiro Rautiainen
Supported By The Arts Promotion Centre Finland

”Analogue” publication for Veera

This A2 handsewn publication is printed with several different printing techniques (letterpress, offset, riso) And we used papers left over from the printing houses. Made together by Ilkka and Veera.

Edition of 50
Inquiries by PM
On sale at: Gallery Halmetoja

Photos: Chikako Harada, Vilma Pimenoff, Minna Kurjenluoma, Ilkka Kärkkäinen

Supported by FRAME Finland

Video about Ilkka’s letterpress by talented Marko Rantanen, 2021

Manus hand + festus tangible = manifestum, declaration

Manifesto.21 champions handcrafting and analogue printing using contemporary art as a way to visualise the disappearing tradition of the letterpress method and the power of words. The exhibition presents artwork by various artists made with an old letterpress machine. 

The letterpress method is an old, endangered method formerly employed in the printing of avantgarde posters. Now, the artists of the Manifesto.21 exhibition showcase how this invaluable tradition can be preserved, made visible, and even be renewed for the present day.

Artists: Hanna Anonen, Jasmin Anoschkin, Inka Bell, Ilari Hautamäki, Teemu Järvi, Kaapo Kamu & Heikki Vienola, Otto Karvonen, Aimo Katajamäki, Eino Korkala, Ilkka Kärkkäinen

Consept, curatotors & production: so_helsinki / Veera Kulju, Ilkka Kärkkäinen

Writings: so_helsinki / Selina Vienola

Photo by Ilkka Kärkkäinen / 2019

Now on show at the Glasshouse Helsinki Gallery, Aleksanterinkatu 13, Helsinki.

OLO Throw for Lokal Kollektion / 2019
Fine Finland Book / 2020
ILO Tea Towel for Lokal Kollektion / 2017–2020
Fermentation Pot for Nordkraut / 2019
Freedom of Speech –stamp 2021
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