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Nordkraut’s simple and functional fermentation pot is designed together with Finnish ceramic artist Veera Kulju (SO-Helsinki). Every piece is handmade in Lapinlahti by Jari Puttonen from JP Studiokeramiikka. 

A simple form hides all the necessary functions: the lid slips to the water trap, pot is easy to hold because of its rough surface, inside of the pot is glazed to help cleaning, large mouth size helps working by hands and when the kraut is ready, the lid works as a bowl. Just perfect for all fermentation lovers!

The pot stands for hand made from start to finish. Designer Veera Kulju drew the pot on millimeter paper by hand, the production is hand made by Jari Puttonen and the user uses hands to create the wonderful fermented edibles.

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photos Susanna Vento

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