This is us.

So might be a hybrid of a curious, random minded artist and a rational, business orientated designer. Working together in good harmony yet fast and efficient way. The love for concepts is our fuel. We believe in kindness and that communication is the key to everything.

So this is us,


Graphic designer Ilkka Kärkkäinen

When it comes to quality prints, Ilkka has decades of experience since he started in WSOY graphic studio in 1986. He’s one of the most awarded graphic designers in Finland, and many of his finest pieces of work are associated with prints. Ilkka has extensive experience in using different art print papers.

Grafia’s Junior of the Year in 1989, Finnish Graphic Designer of the Year in 2003, Grafia Platinum Award in 2006. Jury member at Cannes Advertising Festival in 2006. Several award-winning campaigns in various events. Over 100 yearbook entries in Vuoden Huiput, including gold, silver and special awards. Lecturer, keynote speaker and an active member of Grafia.

+358 50 5667174


Artist and designer Veera Kulju

graduated from Aalto University in 2010 and has since worked widely in the field of art and design. She has showcased her work both in Finland and internationally. Years 2017 and 2018 she worked as Arabia Art Department Society’s visiting artist. Working at the legendary Arabia Art Department and art grants gave her the freedom for pure artistic interpretation.

Kulju works with textiles, ceramics and video. Her starting points in selecting the medium are contextual, often combining different materials in the same work. She aims to assemble installations characterized by abundant fragility and an atmosphere of permanence and timelessness.

Although Kulju’s works encompass conceptual layers created through the materials, the aim is for viewing them to be physically experiential. Through the materiality and artistic idiom of her works, Kulju succeeds in conveying how they feel. Just by looking at the artworks, the viewer feels the differences between matte and glossy, rough and smooth, warm and cold in his fingertips.

+358 45 6702660



photo Ananya Tanttu



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