Freedom of speech –stamp

Posti is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Union of Journalists in Finland with a poster-style stamp designed by Ilkka Kärkkäinen. The stamp is about the freedom of expressing one’s opinion and the right to take part in discussions. The simplified stamp design has the letter J and two speech bubbles

Treasure Trove

Treasure Trove by so_helsinki offers a place for mementos worth cherishing as they remind of the dreamy voyages, everyday moments, and beloved ones. Mementos in the box tray ask to be seen and questioned. Archaeologists know Treasure Trove as a therapy box. The labelled archaeological discoveries are preserved in a box made of acid-free


Manus hand + festus tangible = manifestum, declaration Manifesto.21 champions handcrafting and analogue printing using contemporary art as a way to visualise the disappearing tradition of the letterpress method and the power of words. The exhibition presents artwork by various artists made with an old letterpress machine.  The letterpress method is

For Glasshouse Helsinki

Words Calling for Action by so_helsinki not only describe the world but can change it. Words lead the way and pave the road for action. Words are needed to verbalise and renew our thinking as we move towards a more sustainable world. Good words call for good deeds. BUY HERE: poster and

urban food exhibition & satellites

Urban Food exhibition in Helsinki City Museum (15 May – 27 September 2020) offered glimpses into the future of urban food. The exhibition posed a question to visitors: Can cities be pioneers in creating new, more sustainable food production?  The exhibition concept focuses in a dialogue in which specialists and actors in various

Shadows & Lights of Helsinki by ilkka kärkkäinen

Two award-winning and recognized graphic designers, Aimo Katajamäki and Ilkka Kärkkäinen, presented themselves at the inaugural exhibition of the Culture Hall. Yhe theme was “Sideprojects” as for both of these makers the side paths of their profession have become an important form of expression. The exhibition was open from 24

You are what you read -stamps

Literacy is a human right that enables an individual’s development, education and utilization of their full potential. Literacy promotes understanding, tolerance and equality and develops critical thinking skills. This year, the UN’s International Literacy Day in early September is celebrated with stamps featuring a drawing-like design by Ilkka Kärkkäinen that

MALJA & asetti for lokal kollektion

MALJA is a simple and subtle porcelain cup, designed by Veera Kulju, is well suited to use for both cold and warm drinks. The shape and material makes alternative uses possible. The cup is high-fired and glazed, so as to make the washing of it effortless. Malja is designed by

Fine Finland

A book project on Finland – A country full of the unexpected Editor: Mila Pentti • Graphic design: Ilkka Kärkkäinen / so_helsinki • Photography: Anton Sucksdorff and Kanerva Mantila • Publisher: Aho&Aho FINE FINLAND presents the different seasons of Finland in Lapland, the Archipelago and Helsinki. It includes Finnish traditions, culture,


SO GOODOur core values are humanity and kindness. We love to share and the best thing we know is to work together with other peace lovers. We can do good to our clients by joining forces with the best in the field. Our mission is to do good for humans

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