Fine Finland

A book project on Finland – A country full of the unexpected

Editor: Mila Pentti • Graphic design: Ilkka Kärkkäinen / so_helsinki • Photography: Anton Sucksdorff and Kanerva Mantila • Publisher: Aho&Aho

FINE FINLAND presents the different seasons of Finland in Lapland, the Archipelago and Helsinki. It includes Finnish traditions, culture, design, nature and seasonal food based on our own pristine ingredients, which have been prepared by three top-class Finnish chefs, Matti Jämsén, Markus Maulavirta and Jaakko Sorsa.

The changing of the seasons has a powerful influence on ‘Finnishness’, all the way from food to art and architecture. Finland differs from the other Nordic countries in its position between the East and the West. History, weather conditions and shortages of some of life’s necessities have made the Finns into a unique people who do not easily give up.

The book conveys the Finnish ambience, an ambience that can be found nowhere else in the world: a simple relationship with nature, which is always nearby and provides the very best fruits for our food culture. Finland is a unique society and country that very few know well but that many admire.

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